Ed Sheeran reveals the one famous person in his phone book

Ed Sheeran reveals the one famous person in his phone book

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Ed Sheeran surprised fans on Friday morning (6th January) when he dropped not one but two massive new singles. 

Being one of the biggest stars on the planet you may think Ed’s phonebook is filled with hundreds of A-lister's numbers but it turns out he only has one! And who is it you will wonder… only footballing legend David Beckham! 

Ed said his phonebook is very small and only includes his mum, dad and David Beckham’s number. 

David Beckham | © PA Images 

The singer also admitted he’s enjoying a ‘digital detox’ and only uses his phone in the case of emergencies, and completely recommends everyone else to do it. He also has an iPad which he only checks twice a day, once on a morning and once on an evening. 

The 25-year-old also told us what he’s been up to during his year off. Admitting he felt like he’d accomplished so much as an artist but not as a human being, Ed said he treated his year off like a gap year. 

It sounds like he had a great time too!

The singer travelled to Australia where he visited the impressive Sydney Opera House and took part in bungee jump in New Zealand. 

Check out Ed’s brand new singles below: 

Listen to ‘Castle On A Hill’ here:

Listen to ‘Shape Of You’ here: 


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