Big Brother teases major twist for new series

Big Brother teases major twist for new series

It’s been on our TV screens for a massive 16 years so it’s no surprise Big Brother bosses want to give the show a shake up and by the looks of it that’s exactly what they are planning. 

Reports suggest Channel 5 are looking to increase viewing figures by entering pairs and couples into the house. A spokesperson for Channel 5 said, “We're on the lookout for outgoing pairs with strong opinions and stand out personalities from across the UK."  

Despite the hint, no further information has been released therefore we are unaware if it means 2017’s housemates will be entering, leaving and winning as pairs or simply just entering together. 

What do you think of the twist? 

Meanwhile rumours are heating up for the latest series of the celebrity addition of the show. 

The popular show is set for an explosive return in January and to mark the 20th anniversary series, Big Brother is planning on bringing former housemates back into the house. 

The new series is reportedly going to be called ‘Gold Stars vs New Stars’ and feature some of the biggest and best returning Big Brother housemates. 

See all of the rumoured celebs below: 

Nick Bateman
‘Nasty’ Nick Bateman, the original Big Brother bad boy appeared on the first ever series of the show back in 2000 and quickly became a talking point for his constant rule breaking. 

Heidi and Spencer 
One of the most controversial reality TV couples are set for an explosive return after their stint on the show back in 2013. 

Spencer and Heidi Pratt | © PA Images

James Jordan
The former Strictly Come Dancing star caused a stir in 2014 with his feisty behaviour with his fellow housemates. According to reports, James has signed a huge six figure deal for the new series. 

James Jordan | © PA Images

Katie Price
The ultimate reality TV queen Katie Price is also set for a return to the house. Katie defied odds back in 2015 to win the show after arriving late to the show. 

Katie Price | © PA Images

Katie Hopkins 
Not everyone’s cup of tea but her controversial opinions certainly created quality TV entertainment in 2015.

Katie Hopkins | © PA Images

Perez Hilton 
Dubbed as Big Brother’s most ‘outrageous’ housemate, the American blogger certainly caused a stir. A reunion with Heidi and Spencer will make for excellent viewing.

Perez Hilton | © PA Images

Les Dennis
The Coronation Street actor is reportedly keen to make a return after his stint on Big Brother 2. 

Les Dennis | © PA Images

Jasmine Lennard 
She was the first housemate evicted on the show back in 2012 but not before leaving her mark on the house!

Les Dennis | © PA Images

Stephen Bear
It wouldn’t be an ‘All Stars' show without the leading champion. Stephen ‘Bear’ Bear shockingly beat off competition from his housemates last year after a month of some very controversial antics.

Who can forget when he cheated on his girlfriend live on the show with Chloe Khan! 

Stephen Bear | © Channel 5 

The celebrity version of the show is expected to start early 2017. 

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